How to take testosterone cypionate

How to take testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is not the most popular steroid on the Ukrainian market, which is probably due to the fact that it appeared here relatively recently and is almost identical to enanthate in terms of properties. Testosterone cypionate is generally preferred for containing ectomorphs because it aromatizes more easily and fills with water properly.

How to take testosterone cypionate

Of course, every win is a loss and every loss is a win. In this case, the cypionate will flood more, you will gain more muscle, and the withdrawal phenomenon will be more pronounced, but in the middle of the off season, the cypionate will fit quite organically into a complex course, especially if your tolerance to enanthate is already established. However, remember that steroids have side effects, so do not use them without your doctor’s advice!

Testosterone cypionate: properties

Cypionate is one of the longest lasting testosterone esters, with a half-life of up to two weeks, which encourages many not to do it more than once a week. In fact, the same enanthate can also be given once a week, but both steroids are best given more frequently, depending on the total amount of drug, 2-3 times a week. The main thing is that infrequent injections do not allow you to maintain an even hormonal background.

Yes, the drug is in the blood for the entire 2 weeks, but the peaks and troughs during the half-life are not stable and frequent injections can counteract this negative effect. And to avoid steroid stings, we generally recommend placing the Cypica with short Aether, Oxana, or Turik.

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the longest lasting testosterone esters available today. Its half-life in the body is about 15-16 days (half-life 6-8 days). The drug is available in the form of an oil solution. Due to the fact that it lasts so long, it can cause more water retention than other anabolic steroids. It is most often used in combined courses for the growth of muscle mass.

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Testosterone Cypionate acts as a natural hormone in the body. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for many physical and emotional characteristics of a man. It causes a hoarse voice, sexual desire, aggression and muscle growth. Testosterone works through anabolic receptors, causing muscles to store more nitrogen, which in turn is used to build muscle protein.

The downside of testosterone cypionate is that it aromatizes, i.e. it converts into estrogen. When too much estrogen is produced in the male body, female characteristics begin to appear: gynecomastia, fluid retention, female fat storage, as well as decreased sexual desire and testicular atrophy. If the drug is used correctly, most side effects can be avoided.

The anabolic and androgenic ratio of Testosterone Cypionate is of course 100%, which means that the drug is a strong anabolic and strong androgenic with all the side effects afterwards. Despite this, the drug is very popular in bodybuilding, as it stimulates the increase in strength indicators, but since the time of discovery of the drug is 5-6 months, it is used only in the off-season. In addition, the drug is strongly flavored and fills it with “water”, which is not necessary for any athlete during a competition. In weightlifting, water increases an athlete’s weight and makes him relatively weaker, and in bodybuilding, for political reasons, only Cutler can win “wet”, well, anyone who knows knows that.

In general, the positive properties of the drug include the fact that with its help you can quickly increase strength indicators without risk of injury, you can quickly gain raw muscle mass and, important for more or less experienced chemists, settle when receptors no longer respond to enanthate. The negative properties of cypionate include its pronounced withdrawal phenomenon as well as all the usual “steroid sales” side effects.

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These include: increased blood pressure, which, by the way, allows the muscles to pump blood well, compression of the pituitary-hypothalamic-testicular axis, acne, gynecology, increased bad cholesterol, extra load on the liver, alopecia and other pleasures. Post cycle therapy helps neutralize the negative effects, but that doesn’t mean steroids are completely safe. There is a risk that something will break forever and the work of the endocrine system will change, especially if the person is stupid and does not understand what he is doing and why.

Naturally Testosterone Cypionate

Course length: 6-15 weeks, it makes no sense to take shorter send-offs and the longer courses are for professionals who don’t need guidance.

How to take testosterone cypionate
  • Dosages: 200-1000mg per week, but effective doses start around 400-500mg, it doesn’t make sense to take more than 1000mg for the mere mortal, it’s much more effective to add a third drug to the cure for synergy.
  • Dosing frequency: In theory cypionate can be given once every 2 weeks, in practice it is most often given once a week, but we believe more regular dosing is advisable, so we recommend dosing Long Ester 2-3 times per week depending on dose and amount of other medications.
  • Compote: Like any testosterone, cypionate can be combined with any other drug, including other testosterone esters, but is more when it comes to an effective two-drug treatment, for example with short esters such as Turinabol, Oxandrolone, Methane and others.

Combined course

The combined course of testosterone cypionate is not much different from the “solo” course. The drug is most often combined with nandrolone at a dose of 200 mg per week. The dose of cypionate is on average 200 mg per week.

  1. Beginner course: 400mg cypionate per week, 40mg oxandrolone per day for 6 weeks, then 100mg propionate every other day and 50mg winstrol per day for the next 2 weeks. Once all medications have been removed, you can begin post cycle therapy. The course is suitable for those who no longer have solo TV short courses.
  2. Weight history: 600mg cypionate per week, 50mg turinabol per day, duration 8 weeks, then 2 weeks then 100mg every other day and 50mg Winstrol per day, PCT is started after elimination of all medication.
  3. Strength course: 600mg cypionate per week and 200mg deca per week for 8 weeks, followed by a short airborne apoptosis and PCT.
  4. Advanced course: 800mg cypionate per week, 300mg trenbolone per week and 40mg turinabol per day, duration 10 weeks, then 2 weeks short esters and PCT.
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